Approach of some Arab rulers on Kashmir regrettable: Masood

The AJK President, Sardar Masood Khan has regretted that some rulers in the Muslim world had adopted policies on Kashmir which do not conform to the sentiments of their people. He said that the masses of Arab world were fully supporting the just struggle of Kashmiri people for their right to self determination.
Addressing a gathering of Kashmiri refugees at Thotha near here on Monday, he said that every individual from amongst 212 million people of Pakistan and the liberated territory is feeling the pain of the people of occupied Kashmir, and they are set to trample the Line of Control if they received any signal.
He warned that if the international community fails to provide justice to the oppressed people of occupied Kashmir, it would not be possible for anyone to control the enraged youth. He said that every citizen of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir stood with their oppressed brethren, and was prepared to offer every sacrifice.
The AJK president said, "We do not want war, but if war is imposed on us, we will take revenge of all previous excesses from India." He urged the rulers in Delhi to try to hear and understand the message which the Muslim youth protesting in the length and cranny of the world right from Khyber up to Karachi and from Istanbul up to New York were conveying.
Sardar Masood Khan called upon the government of Pakistan to step up its political and diplomatic efforts to minimize agonies of the Kashmiri people, and knock at the door of every forum including UN Security Council till the Kashmiri people do not get justice.
The AJK president regretted that the policies of some Muslim rulers had hurt the sentiments of the youth of occupied Kashmir and the liberated territory, and their individual decisions do not represent feelings of their people.
He assured the Kashmiri refugees that the governments of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir would utilize all energies and resources to convey their voice to the international community.
Earlier, Master Mohammad Yousuf, Maulana Shabbir Ahmed and other speakers representing refugees from occupied Kashmir said that brutalities against the besieged Kashmiri Muslims and molestation of hundreds of thousands of mothers, sisters and daughters in the held territory, served as a challenge to the dignity of the whole Muslim world.
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