ICT infrastructure to be improved all over AJK

Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, has said that we will explore avenues for exploring innovation and developing in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure in order to enhance e-connectivity throughout AJK.

The President made these comments while meeting a delegation of Information Technology (IT) experts led by Dr. Khalid Rafique, Director General AJK IT Board who called on the President here at Jammu and Kashmir House. The delegation also comprised of Mr. Abdullah Bin Qamar, Project Manager for Micro Innovation and Technology (MIT), and Mr. Faiz Malik, Business Development Manager, MIT.

President AJK was apprised by the DG IT Board on recent developments taking place in AJK for improving ICT and telecommunication connectivity. He informed that due to the AJK’s mountainous terrain, connectivity and deploying the latest connectivity infrastructure will be made through a phase-wise process.

He said that the AJK Government and the AJK IT Board are in different phases of coordination with the Federal Ministry of IT and other stakeholders to help improve 3G and 4G telecommunication connectivity in AJK. He said that the IT Board is also working on providing telemedicine facilities to remote areas of AJK.

The President said that the Government of AJK is focused on introducing information technology solutions in bringing transparency and accountability to government functioning. He said that e-filing systems be introduced to help enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

President AJK said that it is pertinent to set up incubation and e-facilitation centres all over AJK which will be possible in collaboration with the public sector universities of AJK. He said that the vacuum between budding students and entrepreneurs, and the industry must be mitigated. He said that currently Mirpur University of Science and Technology has already established a software house for its students and similar software houses will be set up in the rest of AJK. He said ICT services are dependable on a sustainable connectivity infrastructure which will be ensured through collaborative efforts with all stakeholders.

President Masood Khan said that by introducing e-governance the citizens will be provided unrestricted access to public information which will help build trust on government institutions, promote a culture of inclusiveness and improve service delivery.

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