Masood Khan welcomes diversified skill development programmes for youth.

Islamabad; 20 January: Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, while addressing a webinar on the occasion of the launching of the first batch of Highly Skilled Entrepreneurship in Medical Billing and Coding in Pakistan and AJK by Ujala Foundation and Taleem Foundation said that this initiative is a welcome development that would help enhance the capacity and skill of our youth. He said that such online training programmes would provide technically qualified professionals who would generate revenue for the country.

The event was also addressed by Dr. Zafar Qadir, Chairman Taleem Foundation, Dr. Amer Masud, President AMERI Academy for Online Learning and Mr. Muhammad Khan, Chairman Ujala Foundation. Students who had completed the training programme also attended the webinar.

Dr. Zafar and Dr. Amer during their introductory remarks informed the President that this training cum employment programme would help engage the youth in high-end jobs and provide job relating skills. Apart from transforming the youth into a productive human resource this activity would also bring in handsome foreign exchange to the country. Dr. Zafar informed that in the near future they would also introduce Swiss-certified online graduate programmes in Hospitality and Tourism.

Dr. Amer informed that apart from these two programmes, young students would be also provided training and jobs in Accounting (book-keeping). Similarly, nursing graduates would also be provided training for acquiring NCLEX nursing certification which would facilitate their employment in the US as licensed nurses.  

Masood Khan said that this visionary project of training our youth in the field of medical billing and coding can lead to numerous new possibilities and opportunities for the students. He assured the organisers that the AJK government will take all necessary steps to support and make this human resource development activity a success.

The President said that according to a UNDP study, 64% of Pakistan population is below the age of 30 years. This translates to around 3 million young men and women in AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan. He added that this massive youth bulge needs to be absorbed in the national and international job market.

Sardar Masood said that beyond the training and employment of youth, this inclusive programme would assist in bringing people from all over Pakistan together and help form a community of common interest which would not only help promote understanding but also bring the people of Pakistan and the US closer.

President Khan said that AJK with the highest literacy rate in the country and the growing number of freshly graduating students from AJK universities are concerned about their employment as there has never been any certain pathway to follow. He said that the organisers should also approach the universities and bring these job opportunities right on campus. This, he said, would help encourage the students and the university management. 

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