Masood urges UK to play role for settlement of Kashmir dispute

The Azad Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan while declaring the Kashmir conflict as a legacy of the UK, has urged the UK government to take concrete steps for the resolution of this issue as per the wishes of the Kashmiri people in the light of the UN resolutions.
Addressing a big gathering of Pakistani and Kashmiri community here, he said the UK was an important member of the UN Security Council and home of more than 1.2 Pakistani and Kashmiri people who justifiably expect that the UK will move forward and play a leadership role to get the 72 years old issue resolved.
He said that it is obligatory for the UK to play an active role for the resolution of Kashmir conflict because this issue had erupted when the British government was in power in the subcontinent.
While expressing gratitude to the Pakistani and Kashmir community for holding successful conferences in the UK parliament and ensuring participation of a large number of MPs belonging to different political parties in these conferences, the AJK president said that it was high time that the Kashmiri community persuade the UK Government to take practical steps for the resolution of Kashmir conflict.
Referring to the report prepared and released by All Parties Parliamentary Kashmir Group of the UK Parliament in 2018, Sardar Masood Khan said that after publication of this report, the situation in occupied Kashmir has further aggravated. Therefore, it has become necessary that the UK parliament once again takes the notice of fast deteriorating situation in the Indian held territory.
He maintained that India was evacuating Kashmiri people from their own homes and lands to settle the Hindus there, and through mass killings in Kashmir in the next stage, it intends to give an impression to the world that it wants to remove hurdles in the way of development and prosperity in Kashmir.
“This is not development but ethnic cleansing of the Kashmiri people which will have to be exposed before the world,” he added.
The AJK president stressed the Pakistani and the Kashmiri community settled in the UK to compel the UK government to review its relations with India, and slap economic sanctions on it because India through its economic interests with the UK, was purchasing weapons which are being used against the innocent Kashmiri women and children.
Sardar Masood Khan said that demonstrations and rallies in more than 100 UK cities are a proof that Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5 has become an international event. Credit of observing Kashmir Solidarity Day goes to a popular Pakistani leader Qazi Hussain Ahmed who had set this tradition in 1990, he added.
The gathering was also addressed prominent young leader from Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Altaf Ahmed Butt, President Tehrik-e- Kashmir Europe Mohammad Ghalib, President Tehrike Kashmir UK Faheem Ahmed Kayani and other speakers. Earlier a delegation led by Prominent British Diaspora Community, Barrister Abid called on President Masood Khan and discussed investment opportunities in the health sector of AJK.
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