Masood urges ulema to strive for welfare society based on justice, equity

 President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Sardar Masood Khan has urged ulema and mushaikh to play their role for promoting unity among the Muslims and establishment of Islamic welfare society based on justice and equality

He was addressing as chief guest at a day-long conference jointly organized by Azad Jammu and Kashmir Islamic Ideology Council and Ulema and Mushaikh Council here on Wednesday.

Chief Justice Azad Jammu and Kashmir Justice Chaudhry Ibrahim Zia, Secretary Islamic Ideology Council, Nazirul Hassan Gillani, Chairman Ulema and Mushaikh Council Moulana Ubaidullah Farooqi and other religious scholars also addressed on the occasion.

The President said Muslims don’t need to follow Western or Nordic model of welfare state in presence of Quran and Sunnah of Holy Prophet as Islamic principles and teachings provide fair and objective solutions to the problems being faced by the humanity today.

He said ulema and religious scholars have a pivotal role to play for materializing the dream of a true welfare state. The goal, he added cannot be achieved without the unity of purpose and a common set of ideas.

Saying Islamic Ideology Council represented by ulema of the all schools of thoughts can play an important role in bringing peace, harmony and unity among the various sects of Muslims, President Khan emphasized that ulema should guide and direct the people to follow the true Islamic principles that lead to the establishment of fair and just society.

President Khan also asked religious scholars to acquire modern knowledge along with religious learning to influence the policy-making institutions of the state and contributing to framing the laws of the land.

AJK President also called for a uniform education system with clear and defined objectives by amalgamating the multiple systems of education prevalent in the country to achieve the goals of national unity, solidarity, and progress.  


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