Pakistan is incomplete without Jammu & Kashmir: President AJK

President Azad Kashmir has said that any formula for resolving the Kashmir issue must be endorsed by the people of Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan and India, and the United Nations.
“Any formula on Kashmir has to be anchored in the UN resolutions and the aspirations of the Kashmiri people. The people of Pakistan and Kashmir have not given any signal that they have decided to abandon the solution given by the UN resolutions,” said Sardar Masood Khan.
Before becoming president of Azad Kashmir, Sardar Masood Khan was one of the brightest diplomats from Pakistan and had been the Permanent Representative to the United Nations as well.
While speaking to Arab News exclusively, Khan said he was confident that the new government in Islamabad will continue to keep Jammu and Kashmir a cornerstone of Pakistan’s foreign policy.
“All state institutions would continue to extend moral, diplomatic and political support to the cause of Kashmir in the international community and engage world parliaments and global civil society to get justice for the people of Kashmir.”
He denied that there was a communication gap between Islamabad and Muzaffarabad. “There is no gap between Muzaffarabad and Islamabad. We will continue to keep all channels of communication open for stronger and effective coordination on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir, capacity building for good governance and stimulating economic growth in Azad Kashmir.”
He said that Kashmiris living in the Gulf region should play a constructive role. “We hope that Kashmiris living in different parts of the world, including the Gulf region, will continue to play a constructive and effective role in the countries where they are working; and will act as ambassadors to promote these countries’ friendly ties with Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.”
Commenting on the challenges to Pakistan foreign policy, Khan said there are new challenges and opportunities every day.
“Pakistan’s diplomacy must move swiftly with the changing times and especially focus on negotiating Pakistan’s transition from a vulnerable economy to a stable economy. For that Pakistan needs to harness all its resources including diplomatic instruments.”

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