President AJK urges students to use new technology to advocate Kashmir issue

Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, while interacting with students from Women University of AJK, Bagh said that living in a post-technological era where we are linked through technology and the global community has shrunk due to this digital revolution.

The President made these remarks during a certificate distribution event of the Women University of AJK, Bagh students who underwent a one-month internship and training program organized by the University Plus project under the Centre of Information Technology (CIT) here at Jammu and Kashmir House.

CIT, headed by Mr. Ammar Jaffri, is an IT based company specializing in e-Governance, digital technology, security and education, which has initiated a project named University Plus that focuses on removing the gap between the existing education systems, bridging the digital divide between the universities within Pakistan and enhancing linkage between industry and educational institutions.

The students of Women University, Bagh were provided training in various IT related skills and were given specialized domains for their Final Year Projects. They were provided detailed interactions with leading trainers over the month. Mr. Ammar informed that the students were also apprised of the Sustainable Development Goals and its long-run implementation and execution in their local communities.

President Azad Kashmir appreciated the initiative of CIT for helping engage students from AJK in providing them with essential IT skills and providing them internship opportunities. The President urged adopting IT and training models adopted by developed nations like China, Japan and others in providing access to information. The President said that with the advent and access to internet education has become a facility and is no longer a privilege.

The President said that programs like University Plus will help create confidence of the students by allowing them to interact with students from other universities and learn essential professional skills. He desired to extend the University Plus project to all universities of AJK in order to link university students with development initiatives under SDGs at grass-root level in all parts of AJK, promote job creations and skill development.

President Masood Khan added that the students must exploit this opportunity to connect with their peers and the global civil society in highlighting the plight of their Kashmiri brothers and sisters in Indian Occupied Kashmir. He said that it is our responsibility to ensure Kashmiris are given their inalienable right to self-determination and to highlight the gross human rights violations taking place in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Ms Aqsa Sultan of the University Plus programme gave a presentation on the aims and objectives of the project. President AJK distributed certificates among the students.

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