Ummah stands united for Kashmir and Palestine; Masood Khan

Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, has said that our Kashmiri brothers and sisters are facing Indian repression the likes never seen before. They, he said, are imprisoned in their homes and are being made to live without any basic amenities. He said that we, as an Ummah, must be unified in our stance and position when it comes to both the Kashmir and Palestine issue.
The President made these remarks while interacting with a delegation of Islamic scholars, led by Tahir Ashrafi, Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council.
The AJK President appreciated the positive role played by the Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council in helping to highlight the various issues faced by the Muslim Ummah. The President also appreciated the Council for organising seminal conferences and rallies on pertinent issues including Kashmir and Palestine.
The President said that we as followers of Islam must be proud and never be apologetic of our identity. He said Islam is a religion of peace and it is pertinent that we as Muslims spread the true message of our religion and fight Islamophobia and other issues facing the ummah.
Speaking on the current situation in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the President said that the people of IOJK are going through the darkest hour in their history as they are being tortured and the youth are being rounded up and sent to, so-called, "de-radicalisation camps". Kashmiri women are the most traumatised segment on the face of this earth, as they are facing rape, molestation and harassment on a daily basis. “The exact number of rape and molestation cases cannot be ascertained. Their bodies are being objectified by the Indian occupation forces and they are treated as spoils of war”, he said.
President Masood Khan praised the role of Muslim scholars in Pakistan for their positive role in unifying the nation. He added that the enemies of the Muslim Ummah want to create irreparable rifts in our ranks. “We must stand united and face this threat in a unified and dignified manner”, asserted the AJK President.
Tahir Ashrafi said that the disputes of Kashmir and Palestine are not regional of localised issues rather they are issues that the whole Muslim Ummah stand united upon.
Sardar Masood said that the Muslims living in India and IOJK are facing a very real threat to their existence. Muslims are being lynched, burnt alive, their properties destroyed and the sanctity of Mosques in major cities of India are being violated by Hindu zealots fuelled by the extremist and fascist Hindutva ideology advocated by the BJP-RSS led Indian government.
Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council also invited the President – as Chief Guest – to the special session of the annual “Paigham e Pakistan” conference. He informed that this major event will be attended by leading theologists, Aalimeen, academics and researchers from over 12 Muslim countries.
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