Unilateral decisions in Kashmir by India, a grave mistake: Masood Khan

Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, while addressing at an event here said that the Modi led BJP government has made a grave mistake by unilaterally deciding the revocation of Articles 370 and 35-A. Modi, he said, has inadvertently made the whole world aware of the situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir by imposing a severe curfew and communication lockdown in the territory.
The President made these comments while addressing an oath-taking ceremony of Kashmir Human Rights Volunteers organised by the Kashmir National Alliance. The event was hosted by Muhammad Ali Durrani, former Senator and Federal Minister.
The President praised Muhammad Ali Durrani for initiating such a massive movement and thanked him and his organisation on behalf of the people of Azad Kashmir and the Indian Occupied Kashmir. He thanked the people of Lahore for coming out and showing their support for the plight of the Kashmiris.
The President while speaking to his audience said that they should be grateful that they here are free and living their lives according to their wishes. He said that in IOK, the Kashmiris are living under siege and are being brutalized by the barbaric Indian occupation forces. He said that the curfew imposed by the Indian government has entered its 28th day. Food supplies and medicines are running short, he said. Quoting an international media outlet, he said that the doctors in Srinagar have reported that hospitals have become graveyards.
He said that India has adopted a provocatively militaristic posture against Pakistan, the people of AJK and IOK. The Indian government has rejected any talks and third party mediation on the Kashmir issue. India continues to flaunt the Kashmir dispute as a bilateral issue. “We must not talk to India on the bilateral plain, as they use this tactic to prolong their hold in Kashmir by scuttling the agenda and timeline of the talks”, he said.
No talks or solution on the Kashmir dispute will be accepted without the consent of the Kashmiri people, reiterated the President.
He lamented the lax attitude of the United Nations Security Council, who after one informal session has yet to convene subsequent sessions on the deteriorating condition in IOK. The UN Security Council must take cognisance of the unprecedented human rights violations taking place in the occupied territory, he urged.
Masood Khan said that 900,000 active troops fighting innocent unarmed Kashmiris. During this curfew 10,000 Kashmiris have been arrested, he said. Houses are raided, womenfolk are molested, and young Kashmiris are forcefully picked up and tortured in jails.
The President said that the BJP Government and its operatives believe in Hindu-supremacy and are jeopardising the peace and security of South Asia by its actions. They are the 21st-century manifestation of the same Nazi and Fascist regimes that led to death and destruction in the last century, he said.
This war imposed by India, he said, is not just against the Kashmiris but also threatens the survival of the State of Pakistan.
The President also administered oath onto hundreds of Kashmir Human Rights Volunteers present at the event who vowed to raise their voice in support of the Kashmiris and against the human rights violations taking place in IOK.
The well-attended event was also addressed by former Senator Muhammad Ali Durrani, leading civil rights activists and notables of the city.
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