UNSC must act against India's massacre in Kashmir to avert war: Masood Khan

The AJK President, Sardar Masood Khan, welcoming the UN Security Council session being held on Friday to review the situation of occupied Kashmir, has stressed the world body to ensure implementation of its resolutions on Kashmir in letter and spirit so as to avert the clouds of war hovering over South Asia.
Addressing a 25-member delegation of TV anchors and members of Pakistan Media Club here on Thursday, he said that cessation of bloodshed, establishment of durable peace, and resolution of disputes that can cause human disasters was the basic responsibility of the Security Council.
The AJK president said that India in defiance of the UN resolutions, had been occupying Kashmir as an aggressor country for the last seven decades, and now without any mandate, it had bifurcated the occupied territory, and turned it into its neo-colony. "India's action besides being a naked violation of Security Council resolutions defies and tramples Geneva Convention and other international laws," he added.
Sardar Masood Khan who is also a former diplomat, said that non-implementation of UN Security Council resolutions approved by UNSC, has necessitated new initiatives to resolve this conflict. "The Security Council members will have to realize that Jammu and Kashmir conflict is the basic cause of tension between Pakistan and India," he said, and warned that durable peace cannot return to South Asia until and unless this core issue is resolved.
Referring to the latest situation of held territory, the AJK president said that the entire held region had been cut off from the rest of the world for last ten days, and due to complete media blackout, no one knows what is happening to the people of the held territory. However, he went on to say, a starvation like situation marred by acute shortage of foodstuffs and live-saving drugs, reportedly prevails in the valley, and the Indian troops are also preventing shifting of the injured people to hospitals.
Sardar Masood Khan urged the Security Council to exert pressure on India to immediately stop massacre of defenseless Kashmiri people at the hands of Indian troops, and open a corridor to ensure supply of food and life-saving drugs to the people stranded in the held territory.
To a question, the AJK president said that India can manipulate some Pulwama-like incident, and can strike Pakistan under its garb, so as to divert the world's attention from occupied Kashmir. "If India attacked Pakistan, nine million Kashmiri people will stand like a rock wall in front of the Indian army, he warned.
He urged the young journalists to apprise the world through their pen and programs, the reign of state terror let loose by Indian troops in the held territory. "In the modern age, wars are not fought and won with weapons but with the power of media, and the young journalists should prepare themselves to be active on this front," concluded Sardar Masood Khan.
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