What India wants to hide by disallowing rights bodies in IOK: Masood

Azad Jammu and Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan has urged India to permit free entry of fact-finding missions of international human rights organizations in occupied Kashmir.
In a statement issued here on Friday, he said that India's refusal to allow entry of fact-finding missions into the held territory suggested something fishy.
He said that we had been raising our voice against the worst human rights abuses in occupied Kashmir over the decades, and now United States, UK and the European parliaments and human rights agencies have also been expressing concern over what India intends to hide in the held Vale.
He said there was only one option to prevent human rights violations in occupied Kashmir, that is, the people of Jammu and Kashmir are given their internationally-recognized right to self-determination without any further delay.
The AJK president said that two human rights groups of occupied Kashmir, in their recent reports, have disclosed that political leaders and activists rotting in prisons in India and occupied Kashmir were being subjected to severe torture to break their will. These groups have expressed concern that violence against these prisoners was being used as a tool of war.
Sardar Masood Khan regretted that big powers and influential countries for the sake of their petty economic and political interest had shut their eyes towards inhuman violence being unleashed by India against Kashmiri prisoners. They have forgotten that torture causes several mental and psychological diseases, he lamented.
He said that the Indian Army was perpetrating the worst torture to demoralize people of the held territory. "It is high time that those who have let loose the reign of terror against defenseless Kashmiri people and are playing with the humane lives are brought to justice," he added.
Sardar Masood Khan said that the innocent Kashmiri people were determined to continue their just and legitimate struggle as per the international principles, till the attainment of their goal.
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